Curriculum Vitae

Doctor of Sociology, Professor and Director of Centre for Russian studies of SASS.

He was Deputy Director of the Institute of Sociology of SASS (2000-2007). He graduated from the Department of Foreign Language, Shanghai Education Institute in 1964.

In 1993 he was admitted by Institute of Sociology, Russian Academy of Sciences to pursue his study in Sociology, and in 1998 earned his Ph.D. with the thesis The Influence of Russian Social Thoughts in 1950s to Development of Chinese Sociological Theories (1998) in Institute of Sociology of Russian Academy of Sciences.

Mr. Pans main research areas are Sociology and Social Problems in Soviet Union and Russia and problems about Social Transformation. From 1994 to 1995, he participated in the Project of China and Russias Social Problems during the Economic Reform sponsored by Institute of Economy, SASS and Institute of Social Politics, Russian Academy of Sciences. In 1999, he took part in the project Social Development in Shanghai During the Tenth Five-year Plan. And from 1996 to now, he has been in charge of the Key Philosophical and Social Sciences Project of National Ninth 5 Year Plan Soviet-Russian Ideology And the Development of Sociology.

Mr. Pan Published Several Papers, such as Sociology of Narodnichestvo in Russia, The Development of Sociology and Its Status in Quo In Russia and so on.

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